On behalf of myself and all the cats at Loving the Feral Soul Inc. we would like to wish all a very feral Christmas with much love, peace, and joy.

We wish you the best in the new year as well and please remember that all life matters.

Firt Christmas
This year we have new additions to the Loving the Feral Soul family. Pipper showed up one day in the summer. From where she came from we do not know but it was obvious she was starving. Friendly, it did not take long for her to become settled here. Maggie is the mother of Hanzo, Kali, Lacey, and Mercy. She was feral and gave birth at a friend's workplace. The only alternative for Maggie and babies would have been humane society. We took Maggie and her babies as a foster family but who wouldn't fall in love with 4 week old kittens and their momma? This year is special for these cats, it is their first Christmas and we would like to fill their little hearts with the love and spirit of the holidays and you can help by donating to our GoFundme fundraiser. Your support will help us give them and the other feral cats and rescues a wonderful Christmas filled with dreams of sugarplums and Santa Claus.

Christmas Message
Never give pets for Christmas